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printer: machine

The work

Machine printers, often known as print minders, set up, operate and maintain printing presses. Their work involves taking job specifications from the print originator and setting up the press with the correct amount of materials for the production run.

Typical tasks include:

  • matching colours to the originator’s proofs
  • restocking ink levels
  • loading the print material
  • inputting job data into computerised machine control units
  • carrying out quality checks throughout the print run
  • identifying problems and fixing faults
  • cleaning presses on completion of the job (either manually or using automatic cleaning systems)
  • basic machine maintenance.

Machine printers usually work on a particular type of press but they often train in a variety of printing techniques, including:

Embrio concept: Available in 2025

Embrio. Remember this name! Some say that this is just another silly idea because of its far release date. Some think that this is going to be the replacement for old-good Seagway. But I say, no doubt this is going to be a widespread transportation of the future. Light, maneuver, and consumes very few energy- this is what Embrio is, if speaking shortly.

Embrio is a concept of a well known Bombardier Company. Company that build perfect ATVs, Qads, snowmobiles and even watercrafts. With such a variety of directions Bombardier Co. manages to keep high quality level and even to design concepts for the future. Embrio is one of them. Almost forgot to mention that Embrio is an IDEA Awards winner.

Firstly, I world like to say that Enbrio was designed as the vehicle for the future. So, don’t even imagine to see it before 2025. That is the approximate date for Embrio's official launch. A little too far, don't you think? Who knows what will happen in 10 or 15 years?

Next McLaren F1. True or false?

I'm sure many of you know this name. I mean McLaren. Besides the Formula 1 team, the McLaren Company is happened to be the manufacturer of the world's best serial sport car ever built. The McLaren F1 is being recognized by many car magazines and editions as the fastest and most successful exotic sports car on the planet. And I can not argue with them.

I my opinion F1 model is the absolute winner by its speed limit (if there is one?), its unique design and pilot position. Without any doubts, the McLaren F1 is a truly born road and track king. It was designed and built to be the fastest. And it is (top speed 249MpH; from 0 to 60 Mph in 3, 4 seconds and from 0-150Mph in just 12, 8 seconds).

The most interesting thing is that the McLaren wasn't planned to be massive. F1 is the company's only car model. There have been no changes since 1993, just imagine that. A very strange politic, I must say. But when you sit in the F1 bullet you begin to realize why the developers have concentrated their attention on the only model.

What will the future bring us?

No doubt, that in the nearest future some gadgets will change drastically. Mobile phones are getting thinner and have more ergonomic shapes; cars gain additional abilities and design concepts: all is getting smaller and thinner.

I will now show you what were are going to deal with not so distant future!!

I would like to introduce you 2 different ideas, 2 different design concepts; 2 different cell phones of the future! These are: the Onix concept from Synaptics Company and Aeon concept from Nokia Corporation.
Both phones definitely have futuristic design and rather interesting features.

And now, in all the details:
The Synaptics Onix is a creation of well known Pilotfish design studio. Pilotfish designers surely did a great job. As manufacturers declare, the Onyx is a cell phone of the future the combines an intelligent and adaptive interface and next generation user interaction design.

2007 BMW HP2 Megamoto

I would like to tell you about a great 2 wheeled BMW family representatives. The new BMW HP2 Megamoto is a regeneration of H2 series. The BMW is positioning this bike as a supermotard / enduro class. I think it will be perfect for small town streets or even for a megapolis. With BMW HP2 you will forget about stucking is traffic jams.
And of course, you can fire it up on highways.

For me is nothing better, than going 220 km/h with a girlfriend behind your back; but wait there is – one quick shift, 6th gear," hold on tight, girl" and 230……

One word about the design: we now see an absolutely remade design that completely differs from 2005 model. And I must say that the design of 2007 model is much more attractive, aggressive and it is in traditional for BMW white/blue/silver color scheme. It looks awesome!

iZoundz for iPodz and not only

Zizzle Zoundz for iPodsThe new Zoundz from Zizzle! What does this suppose to mean? I guess it means anything, but ordinary! A new gadget in the army of connect-it-to-your-iPod-devices. The name of this device already implies something to have fun with.

Sometimes I get dizzy when I see all of these iPod compatible accessories. They are so many that I get the thought there are not enough iPods to plug into those accessories. But I suppose I am one of the few who try to resist this iPod accessories invasion.

These gadgets are mainly for improving the iPod functionality, to make it more universal or to turn it into a party factory. However, there are things, which from time to time try to change our views towards these devices.


Can you imagine your life without having a cell phone? It seems almost unreal, isn't it?

As for me, I can't imagine my life without a cell phone. When I left it home, it seems to me that I'm somehow abandoned.

Nowadays you can find a cell phone of every desired class, model, color variation and design. Clam shells, mono blocks, sliders, twisters, business class models; whatever you desire.
But today we'll tell not about a twister, and not even about a thin slider; our story is a bout a brand new form, new concept, new idea.

Samsung Serene is the gadget that is ready to change the mobile phone development traditions and design concepts.
Samsung Corporation with collaboration with Bang & Olufset gives us a cell phone with a very strange but interesting design. It combines advanced features and innovative clamshell design.

Du cannabis et des putes(franch)

Il serait largement temps que nos prétendants au trône se réveillent et arrêtent de flatter les instincts du bourgeois pètri de certitudes d'un autre temps. La drogue douce, hashish, shit, herbe, teuteu, bout, teushi and co est certes mauvaise pour la santé mais ni plus ni moins que l'alcool et le tabac, tout le monde le sait. Toute civilisation digne de ce nom a eu recours à des substances plus ou moins ennivrantes et ce pour une raison évidente : notre condition humaine. Ceux qui n'ont jamais eu recours ni à la drogue ni à l'alcool, ni aux cigarettes et ni aux pétards (cannabis : entre 15 et 75 ans, plus d'un Français sur cinq en a déjà pris au moins une fois au cours de sa vie, sans compter chez les jeunes de 15 à 25 ans) et ni... aux putes sont des gens à éviter. Ils cachent sous leurs lits et leurs consciences des trucs inavouables... Les curés et prêtres en savent quequechose et s'ils respectaient tous la vraie (et non celle dogmatique) parole de leurs prophètes ils se confieraient plus volontiers et on eviterait bien des merdes sur la toile et ailleurs.

Enregistreur MicroMemo d' Xtreme Mac pour iPod

Je teste depuis quelques jours (et fais tester :) ) un des derniers accessoires d' Xtreme Mac permettant de transformer votre iPod en enregistreur audio.
Il n'y a pas à dire, c'est le meilleur de tous ceux que j'ai pu tester jusque là. La qualité du son est vraiment au rendez vous!

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas ce type d'accessoire, c'est d'une simplicité déconcertante. Lorsque vous le branchez, l'iPod passe automatiquement en mode "record", vous n'avez quu'a faire un clic pour lancer le tout. Ensuite, les mémos sont tranférés dans iTunes à la prochaine synchro. Les pistes sont au format WAV,donc très facilement réexploitables.
Note importante, ce type d'accessoire est maintenant compatible avec les dernières générations d' iPod nano.